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        Development path
        • 2004’s

          Sveck was founded

        • 2008’s

          Promoted two major products SV-15296 and SV-15297

        • 2010’s

          Sveck got VC investment

        • 2011’s

          Develop Anti-PID EVA, yearly capacity reach to 60 million square meters

        • 2012’s

          Sveck was rated as a provincial high-tech enterprise

        • 2013’s

          Sveck P2 factory was built

        • 2014’s

          The total capacity of EVA increased to 135 million square meters / year, and PO film was successfully developed, aluminum plastic film was put into production in the same year.

        • 2015’s

          Sveck P3 factory was built, R&D center is recognized by CNAS Laboratory

        • 2016’s

          Sveck won the honor of "Jiangsu Photovoltaic Module Encapsulation Material Engineering Technology Research Center" and "Jiangsu Demonstration Intelligent Workshop"

        • 2017’s

          Zhixi polymer industrial park project with a total investment of 2 billion RMB was completed and put into operation, which won the title of "Advanced Unit of Quality Management in Jintan District"

        • 2018’s

          Won Changzhou Jintan District Chief Quality Award

        • 2019’s

          Sveck passed the certification of Integration of Informatization and Industrialization Management System

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